IPND Projects
Course 2: Automate Your Page
  Lesson 1: Introduction to Serious Programming

A computer is a universal machine that we can program it to do essentially any computation. Anything we can imagine and figure out we can write a program and the computer will do it.

  Lesson 2: Variable and String


It can store data which value can be changed. Assigning value to a variable means storing data with a value.


It is a series of character inside a single or double quote. Indexing is more useful to access the individual characters inside the string.

 Lesson 3: Input -> Function -> Output


A function is a block of organized, reusable code that is used to perform a single related action. Any input parameters or arguments should be placed between parentheses. The statement return [expression] exit a function, optionally passing back an expression to the caller.

 Lesson 4: Control Flow & Loops: If and Loops

An if statements can be used to control which code gets executed and while loops is used to perform code repeatedly until a certain condition.

 Lesson 5: Debugging

Try to solve the problem by breaking it into smaller segment of code. The # sign can be used to make the code as a comment. And print statement can be used to check the desire output.

 Lesson 6: Stuctured Data: List & For Loops


It is a better way to manipulate and store data compared to string. And it is a mutable object whose contents can change.

For loops

A statement that can go through each element of a list.

 Lesson 7: How to Solve Problems

Be sure to understand the problem by knowing its input and output. Create an example and make simple mechanical solution. Try to code and test it.


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