IPND Projects
Course 1: Make Your Web Page
 Lesson 1: The Basics of the Web and HTML

What is a Web Page

A web page is a text document written in a language called HTML. Web browsers read these documents, and then interpret and display them.

The Basic of Web

The Web - Collection of HTML documents and hyperlinks

HTML - The main document type of the web and is made up of the following:
  • Text content - what you see in the page
  • Markup like Tags and Attributes
  • Reference to other documents e.g. images and videos
  • Link to other pages

URL's - How you refer documents on the web.

HTTP - Main communication protocol that unites the web.

Web Applications - Program language that run on the web browser.

How Coding Works

Coding happens when programmers write text in a language that a computer can understand. The computer can then follow the instructions the programmer wrote.

Basic HTML Vocabulary

Tag - A HTML tag is always contained within angled brackets. Most tags have an opening tag and a closing tag.

Element - An HTML element refers to everything within a set of opening and closing tags.

Attribute - This is a property of an HTML element.

 Lesson 2: Creating a Structured Document with HTML

Developer Tools

A set of web authoring and debugging tools built into the browser. It provides web developers deep access into the internals of the browser and their web application.

Tree Structure of HTML

It is similar to the tree structure that start at the root and branches and then to the leaves. So an HTML elements can have other elements inside of them.
  • Div's and Span's - These are the two 'container' elements that can be used to build the structure of a web page.

Everything on the Web is Boxes

The easiest way to analyse a web page is draw boxes on it. It helps to identify the structure of each HTML elements.

Text Editors for Programmers

Special text editors that helps programmer to write code easier. It automatically generate a closing HTML tag when you write an opening tag. (like Sublime Text for example)

 Lesson 3: Adding CSS Style to HTML Structure


Describe the look and formatting of a HTML elements. It helps to avoid repetition when programming.


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